Can chatbots save Internal Communication?

One year has passed since we introduced in Deutsche Telekom Services Europe CZ, our chatbot for internal communication, Chuck! From its launch, it has been a great journey. He has helped many colleagues, has learnt a lot and got additional features. Plenty of time spent on maintenance, tuning and releases.

Last releases happened in November and turned Chuck into a booking system, enabling colleagues to book their slot for Yoga, Massage and Stretching and get their Outlook calendar invite with few clicks and less than 1 minute.

So the answer is YES, chatbots are already changing workplace communication. Let us see why!

Easy to use and always there

Chatbots are available 24/7, directing employees to documentation, policies, or answer to company queries. Ask a question and receive an answer instantly, no need to write an email and wait, no need to search through guides and handbooks. Employees get immediate help and access information quickly.

Employees are drowning in emails

Whether asking for help to HR, IT, Back-office or other departments, employees are going to wait for an answer. There are documents to process, questions to prioritize, all departments are busy. Receiving an answer may take way more than expected.

Do you need Intranets?

Let us start from one point. Intranets are great to store information, share news, but do employees really use the Intranet daily? NO. Most Intranets are not relevant to employees’ daily jobs. This means they do not visit them for days or weeks and they are missing out on information or forget where to find them. Use chatbots and Intranet together. As chatbot answers are short, you can use links to the Intranet, pointing to relevant resources.

No need to log in for chatbot

This is what I find as one of the biggest advantages. Unlike intranets or other support services, employees don’t have to log in to use a chatbot. Access it (browser or app), and ask a question. that’s it!

Chatbots can support new team members

Onboarding new employees need time, and they have plenty of questions about processes and systems. It’s normal! And believe me, I like people that ask questions! This might mean emailing a buddy or a supervisor and waiting (again) for a reply, or interrupting a coworker. Guess what they can do? Ask the chatbot, for a quick and efficient response.

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of why using a chatbot saves internal communication. Missing out some benefits? Let us get in touch!


Written by Michelangelo Ischia

Michelangelo is a project communication manager with a passion for new technologies and artificial intelligence applied to the marketing and communication field. Currently, he works as Communication Manager for Deutsche Telekom Services Europe, which includes external and internal communication, as well as employer branding.

Published on 11 January 2021

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