Internal communications community 

Komunita interní komunikace

About us

What we do

We’re a Czech-based community of internal comms practitioners and fans. We organize meetups, share know-how and experience.

We focus on communication, company culture, values, employee engagement and other people-related areas inside organizations.

For whom

Anyone interested in talking about internal comms, exchanging know-how, sharing ideas, brainstorming, looking for inspiration and feedback:

  • Internal communications professionals, both juniors and experts
  • Employees who have been assigned internal comms tasks, but have no, minor or basic experience in how to handle them
  • Employees of supporting functions (HR, L&D, etc.) who should handle their function’s communication
  • Members of project teams who should handle the project’s communication
  • Anyone interested in gaining knowledge about the internal comms area and related tasks

Our team

Zuzana Hübnerová

Zuzana Hübnerová

Internal and external comms consultant, HR marketing enthusiast

“For more than 11 years I have been working in various roles in communication. Coming from a journalistic background I started as a news reporter, moved to PR and content management to find I have a soft spot for internal comms. Internal comms allows me to use my creativity and different approaches to content in execution, and my HR degree and external comms experience comes to good use in strategic planning.”

Diana Bonczar

Diana Bonczar

Internal communication consultant, trainer and mentor

In internal communication, I focus on business strategy, company culture and leadership. It’s essential to see them in a wider company context, so I always have in mind their close relation to brand, employer branding, diversity and inclusion as well as CSR.”

Our articles

Can chatbots save Internal Communication?

Can chatbots save Internal Communication?

One year has passed since we introduced in Deutsche Telekom Services Europe CZ, our chatbot for internal communication, Chuck! From its launch, it has been a great journey. He has helped many colleagues, has learnt a lot and got additional features. Plenty of time...

What’s your tone?

What’s your tone?

Deciding about your tone of voice is an important decision that can influence nearly all the daily duties of a communication specialist within a company. Whether you are responsible for internal communication, social media, PR, or external communication, the tone...

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